Quality and environment policy

LTK is a company in the industrial sector dedicated to the provision of the following services:

  • Integral logistics management and industrial supply chain.

  • Cutting of sheet metal and steel, aluminum and titanium profiles.

  • Loading, unloading, transfer and moving of large parts and sections of aircraft inside the plant.


The vocation of LTK is that of service and loyalty to its customers by incorporating the necessary technical and human resources. For this, it is based on compliance with the following service principles:


  1. Achieve high availability in the provided service, through a correct organization of jobs.
  2. Provide the necessary resources for the effective and efficient compliance of our services.
  3. Ensure a correct handling, conservation and custody of the managed products.
  4. Based on our competences to, ensure the quality of the product distributed to our client.
  5. Meet the delivery deadlines requested by our client, in an effective and efficient way.
  6. Establish a close treatment with our client. Our intention is to be as close as possible to them in order to know at all times what their needs.
  7. Provide solutions to the needs of our client so that we achieve the full satisfaction of their expectations. The customer can always count on the help of LTK, giving an effective, serious, full guarantee service.
  8. Plan our activities in a way what that ensures the protection of the environment including the prevention of pollution and the sustainable use of resources.
  9. Promote the reuse of the packaging in the company.
  10. Achieve the client’s final satisfaction. Our goal is to always have satisfied customers, who trust the company.
  11. Establish a formal commitment of the entire company and especially its management to achieve continuous improvement of the efficiency of the management system and compliance with all applicable requirements, including legal requirements and, among them, those related to environmental aspects.
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