Towards a new logistics industry


Our evolution

Since the start of this pathway to today, we strive to guarantee the best responses to the industrial logistics management.
These have been our steps since then. We keep on…

Our steps to today

    • History

      Foundation of LTK

      Foundation of LTK in Vitoria with the mission of offering logistic solutions in the industrial sectors of automotive and aeronautics.

    • History

      Start of activities in Álava

      Start of logistics activities at Álava facilities.

    • History

      Start in automotive and aeronautics

      Quality inspection and re-work of detail parts for Daimler Chrysler in Vitoria, and outsourcing of logistic activities for Alestis Aerospace in its Álava plants.

    • History

      Facilities in Cadiz

      Creation of the LTK plant in Cadiz and start of activities with SK10 Andalusia and Airbus Defense & Space in Puerto Real (Cadiz).

    • History

      LTK in Madrid and Seville

      Delegation oppening in Madrid and new logistics plant in Seville. Start of logistics services for Alestis in Cadiz and Seville.
      Quality inspection services of automotive components for Bultzaki in Vitoria.

    • History

      Integral logistics Airbus D&S

      Start in Seville of the integral logistics of the A400M programs and associated with light transport aircraft (C295/CN235) of Airbus Defence & Space.

    • History

      Handling and reverse Logistics

      Industrial Handling activities in FAL of Airbus D&S in Seville (A400M y L&M) and reverse logistics FAL A400M of Airbus France.

    • History

      Airbus Helicopters

      Logistics service for EC135, TIGRE and NH90 programs of Airbus Helicopters in Albacete.

    • History

      Expansion of Airbus D&S services

      Integral logistic support Flight Test Center of the A400M. Spare parts logistics for L&M programs. Test Instrumentation Management (FTI) for the A400M. Logistic coverage to the Flight Test Center (FTC) in FAL. Dismantling activities for the A330MRTT in Toledo.

    • History

      A380 Provisioning

      Start of activities related to supply management for the A380 program of Airbus D&S in Puerto Real (Cadiz).

    • History

      Creation of the ICT area

      Creation of our own ICT Systems department in Madrid and Seville.

    • History

      Integral external logistics for Alestis

      Adjudication of the integral external logistics management service of Alestis Aerospace in Cadiz, Seville and Vitoria.
      Handling of the PRE facilities of Alestis Aerospace in Puerto Real (Cadiz).

    • History

      Document management for Sofitec

      Start of the digitalization service and custody of the technical documentation for Sofitec.

    • History

      Handling Alestis Aerospace

      Start of the handling service for the TBC plant (Tecnobahía Composites) of Alestis Aerospace in Cadiz.

    • History

      IT Services Grupo Alcor

      Start of the Technical Office service, support and management of information systems for Grupo Alcor.

    • History

      Handling Alestis in Seville

      Adjudication of handling services for the industrial plants of Alestis in San Pablo Sur and Aerópolis (Seville).

    • History

      Retrofit A400M

      Logistics activities for the A400M program retrofit for Airbus Defense & Space in Seville.

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